ARCOS | Knives | Cutlery | Made in Spain

The first piece that marks the beginning of the company ARCOS in the year 1734, are the scissors, created by Juan de Arcos and that is currently in the Museum of the Cutlery of Albacete. This relic was donated by the owners of Arcos Hermanos. In addition, in the National Archaeological Museum of Madrid, some pieces marked with "Arcos-Albazete", made by Juan de Arcos in the years 1745 and 1746, are exhibited.


Various knife features:

BACTIPROOF SILVER: Reduces presence of bacteria, mould, or fungi by 99.9%
DOUBLE INJECTION HANDLE: A process to combine Polypropylene for strength and Rubber for a soft, non-liquid absorbable ergonomic handle for prolong use.
NSF: Endorsed by North American National Sanitary Foundation certification on food safety
FORGED: Subjected to red-hot deformation forging process whose results is a solid one-piece knife
SILK EDGE: The special silk edge created by combining traditional and cutting-edge technology
NITRIUM: Exclusive nitrogen treated steel provides additional hardness
MICARTA HANDLE: a resin pressed composite resistant to high temperature and humidity

We at GRYFF are proud to partner with ARCOS to show North America why Spanish steel is so renowned worldwide.