Our family business of creating custom stainless steel luxuries came from several factors and life events.

During holiday times or any other celebratory events, guests had to eat apart or several tables had to be pushed together. There was a personal necessity to obtain a table large enough to accommodate guests. After searching many metropolitan stores without any luck we created our own. 

I always loved how a really good meal has the ability to bring people together. Especially for family meals. The LOVE in the family is centered around the kitchen and the dining room table.

Our other family business caters to large food processing plants and butcher shops. We provide professional butchers with knives that withstand the rigors they put them through. The question was posed, "What if regular families like yours and ours had access to products used by professionals ?"

We are very proud to manufacture custom/bespoke stainless steel luxuries here in Canada and provide you with exceptional world renowned products from the Spanish company ARCOS who's lineage dates back to the year 1734.

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